Kilinochchi is located on the A9 road, between Anuradhapura to Jaffna. It is agricultural land and many ponds have been set up here to provide water for agriculture. Currently, the economy of Kilinochchi is slightly booming and tourists are starting to visit Kilinochchi. Thus, I have provided here the best 5 things to see in Kilinochchi for you.


1. Iranamadu Tank

1 of 5 Things to See in Kilinochchi

Located 7.5km from the Kilinochchi Central Bus Stand

Iranamadu Tank is located 8 km from Kilinochchi, Sri Lanka. It is one of the largest man-made reservoirs in Sri Lanka. The water capacity of the reservoir is approximately 131.4 mcm, with a catchment area of ​​227 square miles. Most of the tourists start to visit Iranamadu Tank on the way to the north of Sri Lanka. The Iranamadu Tank provides irrigation facilities to the people around the Kilinochchi district. Most of the people living in Kilinochchi depend on agriculture for their livelihood. The Iranamadu Tank is a boon for those people to do Two crops farming.


2. Ammachchi Traditional Restaurant

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Located 650m from the Kilinochchi Central Bus Stand

Healthy and organic vegetarian food at very affordable prices. This place only serves vegetarian food. They have a healthy organic diet and fresh fruit juices. Excellent place with some northern traditional food. This place has delicious food and they are prepared there. You can always count on quality. Good value for money. Also, Ammachi has branches in Vavuniya and Jaffna. Stop at this place when traveling via Kilinochchi.


3. Kandasamy Temple

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Located 2km from the Kilinochchi Central Bus Stand

Kandasamy Temple Kilinochchi

Kilinochchi Kandasamy Kovil is a Hindu temple. It’s located on the A9 road in Kilinochchi Town. This is a Murugan temple with a colorful tower.


4. Murukandy Pilleyar Kovil

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Located 9km from the Kilinochchi Central Bus Stand

murukandy Kilinochchi

It’s an ancient Hindu temple located on A9 road in Kilinochchi District. It is a tradition for vehicles passing through Murkandi to visit this temple. It has a small Vinayakar temple and shops with tea and coffee. Depending on the season, there will be peanuts, corn, and coconut juice.


5. Kilinochchi Paddy Field

5 of 5 Things to See in Kilinochchi

Located 2km from the Kilinochchi Central Bus Stand

Kilinochchi district is mainly an agrarian economy, which mainly depends on tanks and irrigation networks. Paddy is the main crop and it is a surplus product. Farmers and agricultural laborers are engaged in agriculture and livestock in the district. The total area of ​​arable land under large, medium, and small irrigation schemes and rainfed paddy cultivation is about 28,817 hectares. The soil condition in some parts of the district is very suitable for the cultivation of vegetable and other field crops, high-value cash crops, and fruit crops.


Hotels in Kilinochchi

  1. AKR Hotel Kilinochchi
  2. Hotel Atna
  3. Friends Paradise
  4. ReeCha Organic Farm (Pvt) Ltd
  5. Thavam Guest House
  6. Barathi Star Hotel

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