Essentials Packing List for Sri Lanka

Are you confused about what to pack for Sri Lanka? As a local, I have prepared an Essentials Sri Lanka travel guide packing list to help you out.


Apply tourist visa to travel to Sri Lanka

Check the expiration date of your passport which must be valid for six months from the date of arrival in Sri Lanka. If you intend to travel to Sri Lanka as a tourist, you can apply for the online tourist visa and the visa is only valid for 30 days. If you wish to stay for more than 30 days, your visa can be extended for two months for valid reasons, however, you must go to the Department of Immigration Emigration (Head Office) to renew your visa.


Luggage for travel Sri Lanka

Pack your luggage as lightly as possible, because you may have to travel in a crowded bus or train, so the weight of your luggage can be a hindrance to you when you travel.
You do not need to pack more clothes because you can wash and reuse your clothes. Due to sunlight, the fabrics dry quickly. Also, bring lightweight summer clothes, you don’t need to bring any heavy winter jackets.

Sri Lanka Travel Guide Packing List

1. Cloths

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You can bring lightweight casual clothes, swimming wear and active wear but it is important to pay attention to the culture of the locals. You also need to bring a sweater or blanket for air travel and AC buses and train. Moreover, the hill country is cold at night, temperature could drop to 10° in the winter session (December–February).

  • What to wear when visiting temples in Sri Lanka?

What to wear in Sri Lanka temple

Don’t wear a sleeveless t-shirt or shirt and shorts or a skirt above the knee when you go to the temple or any other sacred places. However, I recommend bringing a long-sarong. So, you can cover your knee.

2. Rain Jacket and Umbrella

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The weather in Sri Lanka is different around the year and the island. Even in the dry season, some places get sudden rain but it is only for a few minutes. 

If you plan to do hiking in Sri Lanka, it is better to bring both a rain jacket and an umbrella.

3. Mosquito Repellent

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You don’t have to worry too much about mosquitoes but when you sit outside of your room at night, the mosquitoes may bite you. So, It is better to bring any mosquito repellent.

4. Sunscreen,  Sunglasses, and Hat

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When you go outdoors or on the beach, the sun can burn your skin, so you need to use sunblock cream.  Also, It is best to wear your sunglasses and a summer hat as there is more sunlight in the summer. And help when you ride a motorcycle.

5. Shoes

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Srilankans don’t bring their shoes inside the home. So, most of the time you need to remove your shoes to enter some places like a temple and other sacred places. Therefore, I suggest wearing sandals or flip-flop, during your trip. If you are planning to go hiking in Sri Lanka, you should bring lightweight hiking shoes.

Tips: You can buy these food wears at the local market at a reasonable price.

 6. Quick Dry Towel

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Sri Lanka has many beautiful beaches all over the country. Therefore, you need to use the towel a lot to swim. So, It is better if you have a quick-dry towel such as Microfiber Travel Towel.

7. Sarong

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If you are a female traveler, definitely you should bring a long sarong or versatile scarf because they have so many uses like a blanket, a towel, swimsuit cover-up, scarf, skirt, and curtain. They are lightweight, and they dry quickly.  Also, you can use this when you go to a temple or other sacred places to cover your clothes.

Tips: buy a light color.

8. Backpack

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You are highly advised to carry your luggage in a lightweight backpack. Because when you travel from one place to another in Sri Lanka, it is easier to lift and easier to put inside the bus or train. Also, Bring a small backpack to put your essential items such as a phone, passport, flight ticket, and money. 

Tips: Buy waterproof and lightweight.

9. Reusable Water bottle

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During the dry sessions, you will get trusty so bring your Reusable water bottle and avoid one-time-use water bottles. However, you can find many fresh juice and king coconuts shops.

10. Other Sri Lanka Travel Guide Packing List

10 of 10 Sri Lanka Travel Guide Packing List

  • Multi-Plug: 

    Both square and circular plugs are in use in Sri Lanka. So, bring a multi-plug.  Electricity – 240 volts AC.

  • Wipes:

    It may require much to protect you from sweat and dust. 

  • Phone Charger:

    The use of the internet kills your phone battery level. So, bring your charger and power bank.

  • Camera:

    To capture your beautiful moments, bring your camera in a waterproof bag.

  • Pen and Notebook:

    You can use it to write your trip plan, visiting places, hotels’ names, and addresses.

  • Taxi Apps:

    Uber and Pickme are popular taxi services in Sri Lanka.

  • Driving License:

    If you wish to ride a motorbike in Sri Lanka, you need to bring your international license and insurance card. You can hire a motorbike or cycle at your hotel per day or week wise.

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