Sri Lanka tourism Latest Updates news on Covid-19

Sri Lanka tourism Latest Updates news on Covid-19

Sri Lanka Tourism requests tourists who are currently in Sri Lanka to register with the recently launched website.  Also, the website named “Tourist & Expatriate Support Center” (Sri Lanka tourism news on May 7, 2020).

According to the data from the Department of Immigration, there are 11,389 tourists in the country as of 4th May.  Thus, Sri Lanka Tourism invited all international tourists and foreigners to register at the “Tourist & Expatriate Support Center“. Also, the website provides live updates on COVID-19, necessary travel news, and support.

COVID-19 has caused serious damage to the tourism industry. Previously,  Srilanka tourism recovered after the Easter Sunday attack in April last year. The World Health Organization (WHO) announced COVID-19 as a pandemic on March 12, when there were 76,224 foreign travelers in Sri Lanka.

Afterward, Sri Lanka Tourism set up a 24/7 Tourist Hotline – 1912, +94 112426800, +94 112426900 Extension: 2437055/59/60 to assist tourists. At the same time, the Government allowed using the outbound air ticket as a curfew pass during curfew periods.  Also, Sri Lanka Tourism assisted tourist to clear transportation issues and reach the airport. Additionally, Sri Lanka Tourism worked closely with the Embassies, Airport Authorities, Foreign Ministry, and Airlines to facilitate safe departures.

Although, there was no way to monitor tourists in Sri Lanka, except the immigration system.  But it has basic information about the traveler. However, this online registration system can be useful to help tourists in Sri Lanka. Also, It benefits in times of emergency such as the COVID-19 outbreak.  Furthermore, it serves as a database of visiting international tourists, traders, and foreigners visiting Sri Lanka.

Finally, Sri Lanka Tourism introduced the Tourist & Expatriate Support Center website by ICTA support.


Travel alert to Sri Lanka

Moreover, the Department of immigration and emigration has announced that foreign nationals are not allowed to enter Sri Lanka until further notice.

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