Madu Ganga River Boat Safari

Madu Ganga River Boat Safari is one of the most tourist attractions in the Southern Province of Sri Lanka. Madu Ganga River Safari point is located in Balapitiya and the area where the river meets the sea.

Although, it is a mangrove lagoon with several islands of different sizes. Many endangered, endemic, and rare species are found on these islands. However, people inhabit some of the islands. Also, Maduganga and smaller Randombe Lake are two shallow water bodies and connected by two narrow channels. Moreover, you can see it on the way to Galle from Colombo. Also, Colombo – Galle road crosses it.

Madu Ganga Boat Ride :


Madu Ganga River Boat Safari Packages

Madu Ganga river boat safari is almost 2.5 to 3 hours for the full package. And, Madu Ganga boat safari package cost is starting from 2500 LKR to 4500LKR. However, the boat tours cost is depending on the number of people. Also, there are several Safari operators, you can easily find them by visiting there. Or you can pre-reserve the package to avoid waiting. For reservation visit here and find the boat services and suitable package for you.


  • Better to visit morning for a better experience.
  • Better to bring Sunglasses, hats, and drinking water.


Cinnamon Island visits

Cinnamon Island is well known for Cinnamon production in the Madu Ganga river. Because, Cinnamon trees are grown there, through which cinnamon is produced. Not only that but also they produce Cinnamon oil.

When you visit Cinnamon Island in Madu Ganga, they welcome you by giving delicious Cinnamon tea. Also, there is a person who explains to you how to make Cinnamon and Cinnamon Oil. If you wish you can buy their product as well.

Madu River Boat Safari – Cinnamon Island visit


Kothduwa Temple visit

Kothduwa Buddhist Temple or Kothduwa Raja Maha Viharaya is one of the most popular destinations and located in Kothduwa Island in Madu Ganga.

Madu River Boat Safari – Kothduwa Temple visit

Madu Ganga River Boat Safari - Kothduwa


Travel through Mangrove forest

You find Mangroves trees everywhere in the Madhu Ganges River. However, the boat ride goes through the mangrove tree forest. So, you will feel an amazing experience.

Madu Ganga Boat Ride – Travel through Mangrove forest


Fish therapy

Madu Ganga fish therapy by Doctor fishes is one of the best experiences in Madu Ganga. More than 100 of Doctor fishes give you an amazing foot massage. Also, there are small to big size fishes. So, you can choose what would you like. Therefore, you should never miss it when you visit the Madu Ganga River Safari.

Madu Ganga fish therapy price: 100LKR for 20 minutes. However, your tour operator may include this cost.

Madu Ganga River Boat Safari – Fish therapy

Madu Ganga River Boat Safari - Fish therapy


Satha Paha Duwa Island (Smallest Island)

Satha Paha Island is the smallest island in the Madu Ganga. You can see it during the River safari session. It is called Satha Paha Doowa (5 cent island) as it resembles the old 5 cent coin used in Sri Lanka. Also, it has a small building of a Hindu temple.

Madu River Safari Package – Satha Paha Duwa Island

Madu Ganga River Boat Safari - Satha Paha Duwa Island


How to get Madu Ganga from Colombo

  • By Train: Duration: 1h 45m | Ticket price: 250 to 370 LKR
  • By Bus: Duration: 2h 40m | Ticket price: 110 to 150 LKR


Hotels near Madu Ganga

Find better hotels here: Madu Ganga Hotels

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