Kotaganga Ella seven falls view

Kotaganga Ella falls hiking in Sri Lanka

The Kotaganga Ella Falls (Kota Ganga Ella) / Kotaganga waterfall is located in the Knuckles Mountain Range in the Kandy District. Kota Ganga hike will make for a great memorable experience and highly recommend this for those who love adventure. Also, Kotaganga Ella Falls are seven waterfalls on one mountain and the foggy and the lush green hills are spectacular scenery.

Kotaganga waterfall hiking in Sri Lanka :

These waterfalls are located in a deep forest, and there is only one freeway to go. Although, the locals are the only people who know the route correctly. The route to the top of the falls is very difficult and complicated. Also, in the rain, the paths become sloppy, and there are more leeches on the paths. Therefore, it is highly recommended to go with a guide or local person who is familiar with the directions for the fall.

You can go to the top and bottom of the falls and enjoy the view. Also, there are no deep pools. However, the fifth is a bit deep pool and some people bath in it.

Kotaganga ella hiking in Sri Lanka :

Best Season to visit Kotaganga Ella falls

December to April is the best time to do the Knuckles hike. However, July and August also recommended.


The route to visit Kotaganga Ella falls

You can start the trek from the town of Rangala or the village of Thangappuwa.


Duration to hike Kotaganga Ella falls

The hike is up and down for almost 5 hours. However, It depends on your fitness and rainy.

Tips: Bring your memories and Leave your footsteps, not polythene.

Checklist for Kota Ganga falls expedition

  • Backpack: Recommended Lightweight and waterproof.
  • Hiking trouser: Recommended Lightweight and waterproof.
  • T-Shirt: Recommended Sleeve T-Shirt which can be protected from the leech.
  • Extra Clothes and Towel: For change after the hike.
  • Hiking Shoes: Recommended lightweight and better grips.
  • Leech socks: There are many leeches so recommended to bring your leech socks.
  • Siddhalepa Balm: If you apply this balm, you can protect it from the leech.
  • Cap
  • Rain Coat: Protect from rain
  • Water bottle: bring drinking water at least 2L.
  • Energy food: biscuits, dates, chocolate, and sweets.
  • SlippersYou can use it to wear after hiking.


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