Haritha Kanda Bopaththalawa

Haritha Kanda (Bopaththalawa) is located in the center provincial of Sri Lanka and almost 27 km far away from Hatton. It’s a rocky and green grass-fed mountain surrounded by spectacular views. Also, there are greeny tea estates and factories on the way to Haritha Kanda. Further, this is good for a day hike and night camping. However, I recommend doing the Haritha Kanda day hike.


Our experience of hiking Haritha Kanda

We departed from Colombo Fort at about 2 am by a private vehicle to Hatton. After four hours journey, we arrived at the Hatton town and had breakfast there. Then we moved to Bopaththalawa and stopped the vehicle near the Bogawana Estate due to bad road conditions. So, we decided to walk from there. However, we arranged a local guy to guide us to reach Haritha Kanda but If you ask someone for guidance, don’t forget to say “Bopath Thalawa” because the villagers are not familiar with “Haritha Kanda”.

Haritha Kanda hike in Sri Lanka – Bogawana Tea estate :

It was a magnificent spectacle of the Bogawana Tea Estate in the morning sunshine. Also, there is the Bogawana Tea factory next to an iron bridge. You can see them through the way to Haritha Kanda. However, It was easy but it was still a long way to the top of the Haritha Kanda.

Haritha Kanda hike in Sri Lanka – Bogawana Tea factory :

Upon reaching the base of the hill, Haritha Kanda was visible from there. When we reach the base of the Haritha Kanda (Bopaththalawa) mountain, some campers were there. However, we relaxed a little and started climbing the mountain again. It looked like the mountain was rocky and grassy but it was worth the climb. Although, there may be skating in the rain. The hill went a little steep to the top and the sunlight was hard, therefore, some to descend halfway. However, we managed to get to the top of the mountain as we relaxed.  The view from the top of the Haritha Kanda was awesome and could see the Bopaththalawa Farm.

Haritha Kanda hike in Sri Lanka – Bopaththalawa :

The route to Haritha Kanda hike

  • Colombo => Hatton => Bopaththalawa (Haritha Kanda)
  • Duration: 5 Hours

Haritha Kanda hike in Sri Lanka: 
Haritha Kanda (Bopaththalawa) map

Checklist for Haritha Kanda hike

Do not carry ( or reduce) plastic items. Also, make sure you bring them back.

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