Devil's staircase hiking in Sri Lanka

About Devil’s Staircase Hiking (Ohiya) in Sri Lanka

the Devils Staircase is located between Ohiya and Kalupahana (24 km), and Devil’s staircase hiking is one of the most popular in Sri Lanka. Green mountains, river, waterfall, old tea factories, tea estates, and spectacular scenery are the kingdom of heaven for hikers.  Moreover, It is almost 16km with the difficult level paths and 5 to 6 hours to hike. the highest waterfall in Sri Lanka, Bambarakanda falls is also located nearby.

Tips: You should start your hiking with a group of people or a professional guide or a local person. Otherwise, you may lose your way while hiking the Devil Stair Case. Because there is no signal on the phone in some places, the fog and V turn in several places.

My Devil’s Staircase Hiking Experience in Sri Lanka

We had started our journey from Fort Station, Colombo at 1 am and reached Kalupahana in the morning at 6. Subsequently, we had breakfast at a local restaurant in Kalupahana Junction, before we go to Ohiya Station. While traveling to Ohiya Station, we went through very narrow, up and down roads.  After that, we started our hiking from Ohiya Station which is the 2nd highest station in Sri Lanka.

On our way, we saw beautiful tall trees, and those were grown so close to each other and the sunlight was not entering almost impossible to inside in some places. Many paths were full of stones and some trail was hidden by fog. Also, we passed some small rivers through the old bridge. However, they were eye-catching sights.

Devils’s Staircase Hiking in Sri Lanka :

Devil's staircase hiking in Sri Lanka

As a final point, we had ended up the Devil’s Staircase hiking event at Bambarakanda waterfall and where we enjoyed the view. We had lunch at a local restaurant near to Bambarakanda waterfall at around 4 pm, it was delicious food. Finally, we left for Colombo at 5 pm with mild fatigue and unforgettable memories.

Tips: Leave your foodprint, not your polythene bag.

Bambarakanda falls hike in Sri Lanka :

Bambarakanda Falls is the tallest waterfall in Sri Lanka.
Bambarakanda Falls is the tallest waterfall in Sri Lanka.

The route to Devils Staircase Hiking Point


Essential Checklist for Devils Stair Case Hiking


  • Sudden rain
  • Leech: There are not that much of them.
  • Rough paths
  • 16km walking distance.


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