Rangiri Dambulu Raja Maha Viharaya orGolden temple of dambulla or dambulla cave temple is a world heritage site near dambulla Sri Lanka

If you looking for a cultural trip to Sri Lanka you must visit Dambulla Royal Cave Temple and Golden Temple which are located in Dambulla, Central Province, Sri Lanka. Also called Rangiri Dambulla Cave Temple and Dambulla rock cave temple.


About Dambulla Cave Temple

Rangiri Dambulla Cave Temple is known to date back to the 3rd century BC and was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1991. It is an important shrine in the Buddhist religion in Sri Lanka and situated on 160m high mountain rock, near the Dambulla town. Furthermore, there are five natural caves with statues and mural paintings. Those statues and paintings are related to Gautama Buddha and his life. Moreover, there are 157 statues including a sleeping Buddha.

Golden Temple Dambulla : 

Golden temple of dambulla or dambulla cave temple is a world heritage site near dambulla Sri Lanka

Golden Temple Dambulla : 

Golden temple of dambulla is a world heritage site near dambulla Sri Lanka


Before you go to Dambulla Cave Temple

You can walk to Cave Temple from Dambulla’s main bus station because the distance is just 2 km. But, if you walk to the cave temple in the dry session, you will be tried because of too sunny. However, you also can get Tuk-Tuk but before you hire a Tuk-Tuk, ask them the cost.

First of all, you have to visit the Dambulla Cave Ticket Counter and buy the tickets before starting to climb the rock because you cannot buy any tickets upstairs. It is 1500LKR for foreigners and free of charge for locals. Furthermore, there are two different paths to climb up, one is long but easy to climb, the other is a steep climb with 400 steps. So you can choose based on your fitness level. However, climbing the rear path and descending the front path makes for a better experience. On the way, there will be monkeys and do not disturb them. If you have any food or fruit, it is best to carry them an enclosed bag. Otherwise, monkeys may snatch it.

Dambulla rock cave temple stairs:


Tips for visit Dambulla Cave Temple

  • Make sure you are wearing clothes below the knee, otherwise you need to rent a Sarong, for which you will have to pay 100 LKR. Also, remove your shoes before entering the temple.
  • If you want to get real experience serenity, then you should go early in the morning.
  • Bring some water
  • Temple opens at 7 AM

Colombo to Dambulla town :

Dambulla View from Cave temple Sri Lanka

Dambulla is the northern corner of the cultural triangle.

How to travel to Dambulla from Colombo

To reach Dambulla you can take a bus from Colombo Fort, but renting a vehicle is expensive.  However, you do not only need to take the Dambulla bus, but you can also take any bus that passes through Dambulla. Furthermore, there is no direct train to Dambulla.

  • Bus Numbers from Colombo to Dambulla: Click here
  • Colombo to Dambulla route: Click here
  • Distance: 156km
  • Travel time: 4hours

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Is Dambulla cave temple worth it?

Definitely, It’s worth to visit because It’s one of the historical places in Sri Lanka.


How long does it take to see Dambulla Cave?

15 min to claim but it depends on your fitness. However, you need to reserve at least one hour to go up and see the caves and come down.


How many steps are in the Dambulla Cave?

Almost 400 steps.

What should I wear to Dambulla Cave?

Wear the clothes below the knee and cover your top, if you wear a sleeveless T-shirt.


Dambulla cave temple entrance fee?

1500LKR for foreigners and free of charge for locals.

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